New threat patterns require a different approach. Zero day attacks, ransomware, and fileless threats all elude the antivirus solutions we previously relied on. At Meta Eagle we have been working hard to  take threat protection to the next level with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), which uses AI to stay one step ahead of the next cyberattack.

Offering more robust protection that traditional AV. We can keep you safe with easy to understand attack visualisations that pinpoint exactly how the threat unfolds

Allow and block devices with custom policies to defend against zero day and fileless attacks out of the box. With the Windows OS rollback feature, reverse ransomware typically in minutes.

Free up your time and allow us to monitor your security, Instantly stop threats with network disconnect and integrations to other applications in the Meta Eagle Security stack

Roll back devices when ransomeware strikes

We can prove the worth of our security service when ransomware strikes. Roll back infected devices to their pre-infected state typically in minutes—not hours (Windows OS only). Helping you avoid costly outages, data loss, and ransoms. Giving you the peace of mind 

Upgrade Traditional AV

Antivirus is a good starting point, but it needs a boost in today’s threat environment.

Upgrade your endpoint protection to defend against evolving threats. Automate your response for quicker containment and remediate attacks with next-generation AI and device rollback.

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