All requests and incidents will be triaged based on the information provided by the Customer to Meta Eagle.                                                                                            

The Incident classification matrix set out below outlines the description, target response, diagnosis and fix times for the associated Incident priorities

SeverityPriorityDescription/ExampleTargeted ResponseTarget Fault DiagnosisTarget Fix Time
Sev 1UrgentTotal IT Failure – Entire organisation or location is unable to work – Business Critical1 Hour *1 Working hour4 Working Hours
Sev 2HighFailure of key application / Equipment  End user is unable to perform key tasks1 Hour4 Working Hours8 Working Hours
Sev 3MediumIntermittent Problem While Service impacting. The customer is able to continue 5 Hours12 Working Hours2 Working Days
Sev 4LowInformation or Admin Request1 Working Day2 Working Days5 Working Days
SLA Matrix

* It is recommended with an Urgent system issue an attempt is made to reach the team via phone rather than the normal ticketing system                                                                                   

Meta Eagle  shall use reasonable endeavors to deal with all requests for support within the timescales specified within the Incident classification matrix set out above. The times for resolution of such problems may depend upon third parties, information or authorisation from the Customer or other factors outside of our control.      

 Meta Eagle will clear helpdesk tickets in accordance with this Contract and an Incident or request will be considered to have been cleared where either:

  1. It is corrected by either Meta Eagle or a third party – including the provision of a temporary fix
  2. Meta Eagle has investigated the Incident and through initial fault diagnostic testing indicates that an incident is not found and/or is found to be the fault of another provider and this has been confirmed to the customer.