Great News! We’ve partnered with iwocaPay so you can choose how (and when) you pay.

Next time you get an invoice from us you’ll have the option get longer to pay and split the cost into smaller chunks over a 90 day period. This means that rather than the initial CAP-EX I.T Hardware or a Project(s) can entail, you will be able to benefit from the immediate reward without the upfront cost

Heres how it works

  • Click the iwocaPay pay link – you’ll need to sign up for the fist time. It only takes 5 minutes
  • Choose how you want to pay – you can split the cost over up to 3 monthly payments. You can pay the balance early anytime with no hidden fees.
  • The first 30 days are always interest free – after that, you pay a small amount of interest for the extra time (3.33% representative monthly),

It really is that simple as that. To see a demo why not take a look at the video below

Further detail can be found in this handy little guide which can be downloaded below

Check the payment calculator to see how your payments may look over a 3 month term


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