What is ‘Meta Endpoint Security‘ and why do we use it ?

Meta Endpoint Security is a form of Remote Monitoring and Management. It is crucial to allow us to support your I.T Infrastructure, providing a comprehensive set of RMM tools to efficiently secure, maintain and improve your I.T Network

The application features:

  • Out of the box monitoring
  • Fast, Safe and Secure Remote access
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Patch Management
  • Web Protection
  • Data-Breach & Risk Intelligence
  • Backup and Recovery

Because we manage the deployments in house we have the ability to enable as many of these features as a customer requires. By default Meta Endpoint security will be deployed with

  • Monitoring
  • Remote Access
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Patch Management

This is because we feel that this is the minimum required to safely control and monitor your network.

Meta Eagle, being a I.T MSP means that we pride ourselves in being able to monitor customer equipment, so we can be proactive rather than reactive to any Server and Workstation issues.

‘Meta End Point Security’ works very nicely in tandem with our Managed Network Services which allow us to Monitor, Maintain and backup your network infrastructure.

It also acts as a great spring board for us to deploy our comprehensive backup product {META BACKUP} which can cover magnitudes of devices including O365 and Sharepoint. Of course, as you would expect our backup solutions are constantly monitored.

Lee Robinson

Co-Founder and Director at Meta Eagle


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