For a long time with I.T Systems, the way we have been familiar with accessing and logging into them is with a traditional username and password. The issue here is if the credentials are breached then account takeover is all too easy . You would be surprised how many breached credentials are put into the public domain every year (…We may write a blog post on that too)

95% Breaches involve account takeover. 2FA is the most effective way to prevent this

In Steps 2FA. Two-Factor Authentication? (2FA) authenticates you with something you know. For example a username and password with something you have such as a device .

2FA has been around for a long time. Some of you may remember RSA tokens . Anyone that logs into Online Banking will be familiar with a similar process whether using a Softcard reader on their phone or a card reader sent to them by the bank.

The below video is a great explanation of how 2FA Works.

Duo is a product we have used internally at Meta Eagle for a long time. We have it on our servers, applications password and documentation portals. Namely because while there are free 2FA products on the market and we have used a lot of them. Duo stands out from the crowd being able to be deployed on

  • RDP Access and Servers.
  • Workstations
  • Integrated into Office 365
  • Exchange on Prem
  • Dozens of intergrations with other Third Party Apps & Cloud Apps
  • Various VPN and firewall providers

One some of our ‘Mission Critical’ systems we have even implemented 3 or 4 Factor Authentication ! so not only do you require a username, password and some form of token but also a secret key or particular IP address.

Additional features include Duo being able to check the health of the device you are using for 2FA for patching and vulnerabilities as well as being able to keep an entire log as to when a device and service was accessed by which user, from what location and when. Great for auditing and compliance.

Fear not. For those that have used other popular 2FA products and have had the dismay of changing your device. With Duo you can restore all settings, QR codes etc from your handsets backup. Its easy

Providing modern ways to authenticate over Smart Phones, Watches, Push notifications or hell, even a phone call. No longer to you need to have a RSA token clipped onto your car keys – its not the 90’s anymore.

Meta Eagle & Duo Team up !

Its simple. We thought that Duo was that good not only do we use it ourselves but we approached them to see if we can team up. So now we are proud to be able to offer this product in partnership with Duo & Cisco.

Not only can can you purchase Duo from us but we will take on the design, implementation and the support of the system. Leave it to us and we’ll get it done.

If you would like more information or for a demo please contact

Meta Eagle. Duo Partners MSP

Lee Robinson

Co-Founder and Director at Meta Eagle


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