Below are some of the great services included with I.T Support. If you would like to find out more on how we can help your business with some “Awesome I.T”


A support contract would not be worth the paper it was written on without support for you workstations right ?

Reach our team via email, chat, phone and let us know how we can assist you with any I.T Queries.

Its like having your own in house team of IT professionals who will work with you on planning, budgeting and scaling your technology solutions.

Any IT system is only as good as the documentation it is built on. For our customers we take care of all of this from management of crucial passwords, Infrastructure process, procedures and new machine build guides.

This is held for each of our customers in a secure ‘Run Book’ – Think of this as a playbook for all of your IT needs.

Meta Eagle will never charge you to access your data and this can be made available to you whenever and as often as you would like.

We also encourage the use of password managers internally in your business and have a strong affiliation to one of the biggest players in the market so can advise on how you can set this up internally.

Need to deploy machines to new starters, re provision existing equipment have it delivered to an office in a different country or ship to a user directly at home ?

No worries, in addition to our supply chain, procurement and financing we can also build the machines to a pre defined image . Utilising our build servers and AutoPilot we can ensure machines are built to the same standard every time. Meaning when the machine arrives at the door it is good to go. Turn it on, log it in and get cracking.

If data is needed to be moved from one device to another we can arrange this also, with ‘Onsite’ and ‘remote’ options.

∞ Note a build fee applies per machine

When we say we monitor your network, we do so to allow us to be proactive in detecting issues and preventing problems. The custom made monitoring wall in our office allows us to see the status of our customer networks in real time.

The Remote Monitoring & Management agent (RMM) allows us to monitor Mac, Linux and Windows Workstations not only for potential issues but also potential threats. Should an issue be detected then a proactive ticket will be created for our engineers to resolve.

We deploy Network Monitoring & Management allowing us to take control of Switching, Routers, Firewalls to see the traffic on your Network. This also alerts us to issues with any devices that may be impacting on performance.

A bespoke LibreNMS Platform allows us to monitor internet connections, bandwidth utilisation and produce proactive alerts for any managed Firewall or Router installed by Meta Eagle. We keep an eye on things so you can continue with your day.

When a device inevitably reaches the end of its life it is important that not only the data is destroyed in a secure manner but the device is recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Shredding HardDrives, sanitising data we have processes in place to help with an audited process.

From workstation security, to Network Security. We can work with you to help develop your business and help keep safe from Cyber Threats, while monitoring crucial systems ensuring you remain online….. increasing business productivity.

Using the latest threat detection and EDR powered by SentinelOne we are poised to deliver protection from the inevitable threats on the online world in a proactive manner.

We all know patching is something that is important but how often do you make sure it is enforced. we will work to build a custom patching schedule for your business.

Patches are part of essential preventative maintenance necessary to keep machines up to date, stable and safe from malware and other threats

All machines we provide customers will have the Professional version of the Windows operating System and also a TPM chip, which will allow your Hard Drive to be encrypted using BitLocker.

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature that integrates with the operating system and addresses the threats of data theft or exposure from lost, stolen, or inappropriately decommissioned computers.

These keys have to be managed and stored. As a supported customer, we take care of this for you.

Meta Backup for workstation is truly is a set and forget solution. Backing up your entire machine multiple times a day to a secure facility, you can be sure if the worst happed we have you covered.

Features Include.

  • Full Workstation Backup
  • Local System state, Files & Folders
  • Customisable backup Locations
  • 3 month retention as standard which can be tailored as required

With each support seat, you are also entitles to a copy of Microsoft Business Standard which gives great productivity solutions for business.

  • Web, Mobile and Desktop (Mac & PC) versions of Microsoft Office
  • Email and calendar sharing
  • File and Storage Sharing
  • Security and compliance features

Working from Anywhere means that you require a true central source to store your data.

With Microsoft Share Point and OneDrive for Business. You are able to do just that, store you company files in a manner which means they are accessible from anywhere, from any device in a secure manner.

Permissions can be set to give members of staff access to just the information they need.

Storing all of your company data in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business is great but as a core aspect to the business, it needs to be protected.

Backup for Microsoft 365™ is designed to help you protect Microsoft 365 users from data loss. Backup for Microsoft 365 helps you retain and restore Exchange™, OneDrive®, and SharePoint® data

We are big advocates of 2FA as it is incredibly important to keep your system secure. 95% of breaches involve account take over. Two-Factor Authentication helps to protect agains this.

Microsoft 365 allows the use of the authenticator app to require 2FA when logging into your Microsoft 365 environment and also your Azure AD joined machines.

Here at Meta Eagle, we have also partnered with Duo to allow us to design, implement and support deployments to niche applications and Remote Desktop servers. Which means not only can you make access more controlled and secure but you will also be able to see a log of who accessed the system and from where.

Meta Eagle can provide Leased Lines, FTTC , FTTP and many other forms of connectivity but what happens when your primary internet connection goes down ? Do you have a plan ?

Not to worry, as a supported customer if you have a ‘Managed Firewall’ with us and an internet connection we will also include a LTE router pre loaded with data.

This means should your internet connection go down not only will you be automatically failed over to this secondary connection but this device will give us OOB access to start troubleshooting immediately. It really is a win all round.

It’s a safe bet to say as your workstations and user count grow, so will your network and other devices you rely on. It is for this reason we have built a scalable model which will include all of your devices covered as part of the cost