Per Workstation Per Month
£ 14
  • Full Workstation Image Backup Windows/Linux/OSX
  • Local System State- Files & Folders
  • Customisable Backup Locations
  • Stabdard 3 month Retention (can be tailored on request)


Per Server Per Month
£ 59
  • Full Server Image Backup Windows Server & Linux
  • Microsoft \Exchange/SQL/File & Folder
  • Nearside and Cloud Backup for DR Scenarios
  • Stabdard 3 month Retention (can be tailored on request)


Per Service, per user, per month
£ 2
  • O365 Mailbox Backup - retention up to 7 Years
  • Sharepoint Backup - backing up documents & Sites
  • OneDrive Backup, for backing up personal areas
  • Automated backup every 6 hours


Optional Local Storage
Cloud-first doesn’t mean cloud-only. Use a network share or hardware of your choice to keep an optional local copy of backups for recovery at WAN speed.

Keep 5 times more restore points

With True Delta efficiency means you can keep five times more restore points using the same amount of storage as with traditional image backups.

No Hardware No Hassles
Meta backup is a SaaS application – no need to patch, upgrade, or maintain a local application server

Efficiency and ease of use 
Have In-House IT support and want full visibility of your backups?  – No Problem. We guarantee that this wi

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Partner & Education Discounts

We offer great deals to other IT providers and Educational institutes as we believe everyone should have access to top notch backup and Disaster Recovery .